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Beauty Tip of the Day !

Having trouble finding that perfect/natural shade for your eye shadow the try this out! ~Charlotte

Universal Shades for Eyes

  • Green
    “Stick to mossy shades,” says New York City makeup artist Kristofer Buckle. Those with yellow and brown tones are wearable for fair and dark skins alike.
  • Navy
    “Look for a navy with royal blue tones in it,” says Los Angeles makeup artist Karen Kawahara. “This gives a smoky look on light skins, and it’s dense enough for dark ones.”
  • Nude
    A buttery, yellow-toned color with a translucent texture allows natural coloring to show through, which is key to making a shade like this universally flattering.
  • Brown 
    For the most wearable choice, pick a brown that has a touch of warmth to it. This one looks natural on dark and olive skin and subtly contrasts fairer complexions.
  • Gold 
    Pick golds that are bronzy, like this, and not too yellow, says Los Angeles makeup artist Tina Turnbow. Tones that are too yellow make all skins look sallow.
  • Gray
    Gray is an unexpected alternative to black. Use iridescent versions that reflect light. Shades like this one give fair skin depth and look beautiful on darker skin. 

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